Wooden and Faux Wood Venetian Blinds

Privacy, warmth and shade

Baytracks can offer you a large range of 100% natural real wood and faux wood venetian blinds. Using the finest responsibly sourced bamboo & basswood timber, we have a stunning collection of painted and stained finishes.

Our extremely robust faux wood blinds are made from 100% PVC giving you piece of mind in bath and shower rooms. 

Venetians offer a high degree of rotation, maintaining privacy and warmth whilst controlling sunlight in your home or office.

Metal Venetian Blinds

Wide range of options

One of the most versatile of window dressings and timeless in style. Our aluminium venetian blind range boasts a palette of over 120 different colours in various textures and finishes.

Available in 15mm, 25mm, 35mm and 50mm with colour co-ordinated braid ladders or tape and bottom bar and headrails. Choose from manual control, hard wired or battery motorisation, including rechargeable Lithium ion powered perfect fit models.

Roller Blinds

Contemporary, versatile, practical

For a contemporary window solution, look no further than our collection of roller blinds. Roller blinds are a simple and practical window dressing, with a versatility that makes them suitable for every room in the home or office. 

Our roller blinds are available in a vast choice of fabrics, styles and finishes including complimentary fabric covered cassettes and Senses fascias.

Motorisation is available with the options of hardwired, battery powered and hub controls.

Do you have a favourite fabric? We can also laminate soft cloth and make roller blinds from your own fabric too, so be rest assured we can supply a blind to suit your window needs.

Roman Blinds

Luxurious, stylish, elegant

For the ultimate in style and sophistication, discover our wide selection of made to measure roman blind fabrics. A truly luxurious blind type that brings texture into any space in both classic or contemporary style this high-quality window dressing is a compact alternative to curtains, offering light control, privacy, and optimum functionality, along with style and elegance.

Our roman blinds are available in a choice of finishes, machine or hand sewn with blackout lining as standard so you can select the perfect colour, pattern and texture for your home. We can also, like our roller blinds, make roman blinds for you from your own favorite fabric.


Vertical Blinds

Traditional, functional, timeless

The traditional elegance and functionality of a vertical blind makes it the perfect option for your living room, conservatory, or home office. Or in fact any room in your home needing flexible light diffusion and a stunning appearance vertical blinds are a timeless window solution that remain sleek and effortlessly smart, whether you opt for a crisp white style or a more distinct pattern or colour.

Our made to measure vertical blinds are available in a large choice of colours, patterns and textures, allowing you to select the perfect style for your space.

Vertical blinds can also now be tilted at the touch of a button with One Touch Motorisation, removing the need for any cord or chains, making vertical blinds a completely child safe product choice for your windows.

Day and Night

Duo Blinds


Versatility and privacy

Duo-fabric roller blinds (also known as Day & Night blinds, Vision or Mirage blinds ) offer you unparalleled versatility and privacy and they are a stunning alternative to both conventional roller blinds, voiles and net curtains, by combining all three elements within the one product.

The unique double layer of fabric allows the blind much greater versatility than that of a standard blind. In the open position the fabric allows the view through the blinds much like that of a voile or net curtain, but when set in the closed position give the privacy of a roller blind. 

All our Duo Blinds come in a range of contemporary colours and styles so stand out from the crowd, especially once motorised on one of our hard wired or battery sytems.

Roof & skylight blinds

Dimout, blackout - light control

Take control of bright skies with our range of roof blinds. No longer will you have to worry about overhead sun shining in your eyes; these gorgeous blinds give you full control over light coming in from above. 

Choose from our extensive range of colours in our dimout and blackout blind range to suit your windows needs


Perfect fit blinds

Unusual window? No problem.

Perfect Fit Blinds offer the ideal solution for the long-suffering users of UPVC tilt and turn windows, as well as supplying a seamless appearance so essential with UPVC conservatory windows and doors. 

Due to its unique construction, the Perfect Fit blind becomes part of the window. They do not interfere with handles or window ledges and can be easily removed for cleaning or replacement. Perfect fit blinds offer a fuss free installation, simply clipping between the glass and beading of your window. Because they fit neatly inside the frame with no drilling or screws, these blinds are ideal for unusually shaped windows, listed buildings, and rented properties. 

Available in Pleated, Roller, Venetian & Vision with motorsation options, explore our range of Perfect Fit blinds and book your free measure now!

Pleated blinds

Sleek, stylish, attractive

For an attractive and subtle window dressing, we recommend our collection of made to measure pleated blinds, perfect for achieving a soft shading effect in kitchens, conservatories, and home offices. Pleated blinds are a sleek, efficient solution for your windows, taking up minimal space when lowered and stacking neatly when raised.

Our pleated blinds provide optimal shading and privacy when in both standard & shaped windows and are available in free hanging, tensioned, and Skylight options. Both standard and blackout fabric options allow for pleated blinds to be elegantly integrated into any room, with a variety of manual or motorised control options.

Our stylish range of Duette & Hive pleated cellular blinds save energy during the winter by reducing heat loss by up to 46%, keep you cool through the summer months by reducing the amount of solar heat entering your home by up to 78% while at the same time absorbing sound and reducing echo and reverberation by up to 45%

Intu blinds

Elegant finish, no drilling required

Available in pleated, hive or venetian styles, intu blinds integrate perfectly with your bi-fold doors, tilt & turn and standard windows. 

Like Perfect Fit but without the framework, they give an elegant finish, and of course there’s no drilling needed.